“Simply putting a collar around my neck isn’t enough. You have to be ready to know what that symbolizes to me as well as to yourself. It’s trusting someone with your life. Trusting that they always have your well-being in mind.”

"I've thought of myself as a human canvas, your blank slate. The fantasies that won't be, slash at my heart. My fondness for y>u, crushes me steadily. All these scan that I hide, are expressive nuances to my life. Like an exquisite image. Far beyond your capturing."

I find pride in my pain. Pleasure in punishment. Dignity in degradation. But I've refused to free myself of this self-torture chamber. I can't seem to end the lurching torment. I must be a masochist.. Because the devotion that is killing me, brings me the only pleasure I feel inside.

"I noticed with a thrill his peculair gaze, a look in which I found myself perversely objectified. Desired not for my charm or wit or beauty, but for my bones, my muscles, my skin, my blood. The very first time he struck me I immediately thought my passion to be an illness from which I couldn't be cured..."

"I must be a masochist... I've always had a high tolerance, for everything. I yearn for the pain you bring me. My heart begs for the beatings you give It. I'm happy being your punching bag. I never want it to end."

Being submissive to me Isn't so much about a control over some struggle of power. I actually never feel at any moment that I am not still In control of who I am, what I want, and what I am willing to do in the kink or vanilla worlds. It's all about trust to me. Trusting that they always have your well-being in mind.
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