Gulls fly as the coming spring melts ice, accumulated from a winter of waterfall spray at Niagara Falls, New York.

Snow and sand mix as the winter wind brushes them into layers on the Great Lake Ontario.
A mob of rams climbs the slopes at Zion National Park in Southwest, Utah.
A sailboat graces the horizon on the West Coast of the small Caribbean island of Aruba.
.Photograph by Joseph Philipson for CSULB..© Joseph Philipson. All Rights Reserved CSULB

Two crows glide across the desert landscape of eastern Utah.

Zion National Park, Utah

Window to the desert at the world's best-preserved meteor crater in Crater, Arizona.

A man reads the morning paper on the Washington, DC metro.

Amidst the Thomas fire, an all-female prison fire crew named Rainbow Camp uses shovels and chainsaws to build a defensive perimeter around this home and horse stable in Ojai, California.

A bat flies at the Tecopa Hot Springs outside Death Valley National Park, in the desert of Southern California.

Arikok National Park, Aruba

Canyonlands, Utah

Falcon 9 Rocket from Space Launch Complex in Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

China Ranch, Tecopa, California

Rooftop views of Bhaktapur, Nepal

San Bernardino Forest, California

Helicopters make rounds dropping water in Kagel Canyon in the Angeles National Forest during the Creek Fire of 2017

Winter rains bring snow to the Mexican border at Organ Pipe National Monument.

Monsoons bring rainbows at the Organ Pipe National Monument on the Arizona / Mexican border.

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