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White-Glove Service

$500.00 USD

You will enjoy the full attention of our art team while we build your custom order of limited-edition prints. With years of experience in the art industry, we understand that every print is a unique, limited work. We also understand that most people don't have the time to search for available prints. This is why we offer a personalized service that allows you to buy the perfect prints without all the effort. We offer high-quality art and a welcoming approach, making us your go-to destination for art that enhances any room. We will work with you to find the perfect prints for your home or office based on your preference for the subject, color, size, and material.

After production and quality control, the prints will be hand-delivered and hung by the artist. Attached to the art will be a Certificate of Authenticity verifying the work's provenance and displaying the artist's signature.

The price is a deposit for consultation and goes towards your final purchases.
(If you decide not to buy, your deposit will be refunded -10% fee.)

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