"I must be a masochist,
I yearn for the pain you bring me."

"I've thought of myself as a human canvas,



your blank slate."

"I find pride in my pain.

Pleasure in punishment.

Dignity in degradation.


I've refused to free myself of this self-tortured chamber"

"The very first time he struck me,



I thought my passion was an illness,



that couldn't be cured."

"I must be a masochist.


My heart begs for the beatings.

I'm happy being your punching bag.


I never want it to end."

"I’m a sadist,


I don't know why I’m a sadist.


I still try to learn why,

why I enjoy watching human suffering,


when I’m the one who caused it."

"You can find out what it is they want, 


what that connection is, 

and then you can exploit it.



Then you can dance on that line."

"Being submissive to me isn't so much about a control over some struggle of power.


I actually never feel at any moment that I am not still in control,


of who I am,


what I want,


and what I am willing to do."

"To be able to develop a connection with somebody,


it's pure,

it's genuine,

you can live in the moment, 


even if you're pretending,

even if you're role playing,


you can still live in that moment."

"I almost become this other person.


Where all the rest of me is left behind, and I'm getting to be who I really am. 


And that's pretty rare, right?"


Special Thanks:


Uma (dom)

A (sub)



The Black Diamond


Other places and people. You know who you are.

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